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Fuzhou University Scholarship - 2019 Full Scholarship

6 months ago Economics Fuzhou 275 views Tuition Fees: Yes Accommodation: Yes Travel Expense: No Monthly Stipend: Yes
Scholarship Details

In order to encourage more excellent international students to come to study in Fuzhou University and enlarge the number of international students enrolled, as well as promote quality in international education, Fuzhou University has established the Fuzhou University Scholarship (FZS). The Fuzhou University Scholarship is an exclusive fund for international students to study in Fuzhou University. It is calculated in RMB and can be used for registration, tuition, and accommodation fees, as well as insurance and living expenses. Detailed awards are as follow:

A.  Scholarship Content and Standards

I. Comprehensive Award: this is for international students who meet the national enrollment requirements and are of excellent academic and moral character, as well as those who are excellent overall and are currently studying in Fuzhou University, including doctoral degree students, master’s degree students, and undergraduate students, as well as language training students. The funding is for one year and the funding period should generally not be longer than the study period for each category.

II. Short Term Training Award: this is for international students who come to Fuzhou University to study for less than six months according to an inter-university agreement or related exchange agreement. Only current students who are from universities that have signed inter-university exchange agreements qualify for this award.

III. Criteria for Awards:

1. Comprehensive Award

1.1 For doctoral degree students, 50,000 RMB per person per year, including 1,200 RMB in living expenses each month;

1.2 For master degree students, 40,000 RMB per person per year, including 1,000 RMB in living expenses each month;

1.3 For undergraduate students(for whom the study period should be no shorter than one year), 30,000 RMB per person per year, including 800 RMB in living expenses each month;

1.4 For language training students, 30,000 RMB per person per year, including 800 RMB in living expenses each month.

2. Short Term Training Award (less than six months)

Students shall take care of their tuition fees, accommodation fees, and insurance, but Fuzhou University will fund monthly living expenses. General training students follow the standard of master’s degree students, which is 1,000 RMB per person per month; advanced training students follow the standard of doctoral degree students, which is 800 RMB per person per month.

“General training students” refers to international students with no current degree path who have already received a bachelor’s degree or higher, or have completed their sophomore year or the equivalent; “advanced training students” refers to international students with no current degree path who have already received a master’s degree or higher, or have completed their second year of progress towards a master’s degree.

B.  Majors

 students in every major can apply for this. In principle, the applicant’s major should correspond to their previous major. Generally speaking, cross-majors are not acceptable. Applicants for undergraduate and graduate study shall pass the HSK at level 5, those with HSK level 6 taking priority. Applicants for language training don’t require basic Chinese language skills or HSK certificates. The majors teaching in English do not have requirement basic Chinese language skills or HSK certificates either, but need to complete the training program for Chinese and Chinese culture courses.

C.  Eligibility Requirements for Applicants

1. Basic requirements:

1.1 Applicants should meet the international students accreditation requirements,  and should love China and be in good health;

1.2 Applicants shall obey Chinese governmental laws and regulations as well as the rules and code of discipline of Fuzhou University;

1.3 Degree earning students shall study in the university no less than nine months each school year;

1.4 Applicants should have good academic performance and strong potential for expertise;

1.5 Applicants who have great achievements in arts, sports, and/or cultural exchange,  as well as public social activities; as well as those who have won awards and have achieved excellence in scientific research ; and those who have won recognition in their academic field will take priority;

1.6 Applicants who are recommended by related offices and bureaus of Fujian Province and those who are recommended by sister provinces/states, as well as those who are recommended by international friendship organizations will take priority.

2. Requirements related to degrees and age:

2.1 Applicants for undergraduate studies must have completed senior high school and be under the age of 30;

2.2 Applicants for master’s degree studies must have a bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 35;

2.3 Applicants for doctoral degree studies must have a master’s degree and be under the age of 40;

2.4 General training students or advanced training applicants must meet related degree requirements and be under the age of 50;

*The above age-related limits, while in principle definitive, may allow for exception in certain special cases.

3. Anyone to whom the following situations obtain can not apply for any Fuzhou University Scholarship; any funding will be subject to termination:

3.1 Those who have been subject to criminal detention, public security punishment, or administrative punishment due to violating Chinese governmental laws and regulations, or the rules and code of discipline of Fuzhou University;

3.2 Those who have been late for class, left classes early, or missed classes without due reason, as well as those who have severely violated the rules and regulations of Fuzhou University;

3.3 Those who fail courses which are a required part of their academic teaching plan;

3.4 Those who cannot meet prescribed study goals, or fail to accomplish scientific research tasks, as confirmed by both relevant mentors and the Academic Association of Fuzhou University;

3.5 Those who don’t meet the requirements of Fuzhou University Scholarship regulations.

Applicants may apply for the Chinese Government Scholarship, Fujian Government Scholarship, or Fuzhou University Scholarship, but will not be entitled to simultaneous benefits from said scholarships. If the applicant receives the Chinese Government Scholarship, he or she will not be qualified for the Fujian Government Scholarship or Fuzhou University Scholarship.

D.   Application Window:

March 1th to May 15th annually

E.   Process of Application:

Applicants shall apply for admission application to the Office of International Cooperation and Exchange of Fuzhou University before deadline and mail all the application materials tofaoadmission@fzu.edu.cn, and the paper materials need to mail to our office. More information please go to http://oce.fzu.edu.cn/html/gjxs/zsxx/1.html


F.   Application materials (All materials shall be in both Chinese and English):

1.       Fuzhou University Scholarship Application Form;

2.       Notarized highest diploma and academic transcripts;

3.       Foreigner Physical Examination Form (this form is provided by the Chinese quarantine authority and can be downloaded from the internet) if the applicant is to study in China for six months or more;

4.       Degree applicants, as well as study and research scholars, should submit a study plan (at least 400 words), or research plan (at least 800 words) respectively;

5. Applicants for doctoral degrees or master’s degrees shall provide letters of recommendation from two individuals of associate professor standing or higher;

6. Applicants under the age of 18 should submit legal documents relating to their legal guardians in China;

University Description
Co-sponsored by the Provincial Government and the Ministry of Education, Fuzhou University is one of the national key universities that are selected into the “211 Project”, a Chinese government programme for the 21st century to support 100 selected universities for their further rapid development and it is a national first-class discipline construction college and university. Founded in 1958, it has now developed into a key comprehensive university in Fujian Province, giving priority to engineering courses and also enjoying a reputation for excellence in other fields including sciences, economics, management, liberal arts, law, arts and design, etc