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Nanjing Medical University Scholarships - 2019 Full Scholarship

10 months ago Applied Sciences Nanjing 611 views Tuition Fees: Yes Accommodation: Yes Travel Expense: No Monthly Stipend: Yes
Scholarship Details

1. Scholarship

Student Level

Scholarship Category




(Clinical Medicine program in English-medium)

Entrance Scholarship of NMU- Full Tuition Fee   Scholarship



Entrance Scholarship of NMU- Half Tuition Fee   



Entrance Scholarship of NMU-1/4 Tuition Fee



General Entrance Scholarship of NMU




(Clinical Medicine program in Chinese-medium)

Entrance Scholarship of NMU- Full Tuition Fee   Scholarship



Entrance Scholarship   of NMU- Half Tuition Fee Scholarship



Entrance Scholarship   of NMU-1/4 Tuition Fee Scholarship




Full Tuition Fee Scholarship of NMU



Half Tuition Fee Scholarship of NMU




Full Tuition Fee Scholarship of NMU




2. Programs:

Undergraduate ProgramsClinical Medicine program in English-medium, Clinical Medicine program in Chinese-medium

Master: *Internal  Medicine, *Surgery, *Pediatrics, *Obstetrics and Gynecology, Histology and Embryology, Stomatology, *Dermatology and Venereology, Imaging and Nuclear Medicine, Master of Public Health,  Epidemiology and Health Statistics, *Oncology, Reproductive Medicine, Physiology, Genetics, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Clinical pharmacy, *Anesthesiology, Hygiene Toxicology, *Neurology, *Otolaryngology, *Ophthalmic Specialty, *Emergency Medicine, Occupational and Environmental Health, *Geriatrics, Immunology, Human Anatomy, Master of Public Health etc.


A. Undergraduate programs

1. Age: 18 to 30.

2. Good physical and mental health.

3. Abide by the laws and regulations of People’s Republic of China and NMU.

4. Pass HSK4 or above. Entrance Chinese language test is a must-be without HSK certificate (Clinical Medicine in Chinese-medium).

5. Senior high school graduates or above, qualified in mathematics, physics, and chemistry. The university will choose the most outstanding students based on comprehensive performance.

B. Master programs

1.    The qualified applicant should be with good physical and mental health.

2.    Master ProgramsApplicants for Master’s programs should be under 30 year-old and have a Bachelor degree of a normal university at home and abroad. Master programs applications should be the same or closely related to the undergraduate program. Applicants who are really extraordinary excellent can gain the privilege to prolong the age limitation, after passing the final evaluation of the university. Programs With "*" has two modes of cultivation-scientific type and professional type. Students who choose scientific type will be cultivated in the department of the specialty they choose and they will be awarded the degree Master of Science. Students who choose professional type should complete certain months (6~24 months) of general rotation and specialty rotation (more than 9 months) and they will be awarded the degree Master of Medicine.

Applicants who choose professional type of cultivation should pass HSK 4 or above, if they do not, they should learn Chinese language course for one year in our university (they will enjoy Full Tuition Fee Scholarship during their first-year Chinese language course study). If they pass HSK4 after one-year Chinese language study, they can continue their professional type cultivation of master program; if they do not, they can choose to change to scientific type of cultivation or study Chinese language for another year till they pass HSK4.

C. Doctoral programs

Programs applications should be closely related to the program of applicants’ highest degree.

PhD program with “*” is divided into two modes of cultivation- scientific and clinical type. Students who apply for clinical type must major in Clinical Medicine or Stomatology during their undergraduate and postgraduate study. Students who received the master degree in foreign country must get the qualification for practicing doctors.


Dec 1, 2017 to June 30, 2019

5. Required documents

1. Passport copy with at least 1- year validity period.

2. Highest diploma/degree (notarized photocopy).

3. Transcripts of the most advanced studies (notarized photocopy)

4. Certificate of non-criminal punishment

5. A study or research plan in Chinese or in English (1,000 words or above).

6. Two letters of recommendation in Chinese or English.

7. HSK result Clinical Medicine in Chinese-medium


a. Log on the application system and upload the required documents. The website of the application system is: http://admission.njmu.edu.cn/.

b. Admission office will do the initial review and give feedback within 5 working days after the applicants submitted all the required documents successfully. To the applicants who pass the initial review, Admission office will send a system message of “pass initial review” and paying admission deposit, meanwhile send an electrical Acceptance letter and a formal notice of paying admission deposit to the applicant’s email.

c. The admitted applicant should pay $2000 or CNY13, 000 as admission deposit within 7 days after he/she received Acceptance letter. If the admitted applicant comes to register on the required date, the deposit will be transferred to fees they need to pay and the student needs to pay the rest of the tuition fee after deduction of the deposit money; if the students cannot come register on time, the admission deposit will not be returned back to them.

d. The admitted applicant should upload the deposit remittance receipt to online application system.

e. Nanjing Medical University (NMU) will send CONFIRMATION OF ADMISSION and the Visa Application Form for Study in China (JW202) according to the contact information the applicant left in the application system after receiving the deposit of the admitted applicant.

f. Admitted applicants should go to the embassies or consulates of P. R. China to apply for the X Visa to study in China, along with the Admission Notice and the JW202 form.

g. Admitted applicants are required to come to the School of International EducationSIE),Nanjing Medical University (NMU), to register on the specified date, with the originals of theCONFIRMATION OF ADMISSION of NMU, the Physical Examination Form, and the JW202 form.

University Description
Nanjing Medical University (NMU) founded in 1934 is one of the key universities in Jiangsu Province. It is sponsored by the Ministry of Education, the National Health and Family planning Commission and Jiangsu Provincial Government. The university has two campuses with a land area of 87 hectares. The school has passed the accreditation of clinical medicine in the Ministry of Education and has obtained the longest certification cycle for 8 years. NMU is among top 500 in the “academic ranking of world universities” for the past four years; Seven disciplines of NMU are among top 1% of ESI of global research institutions. NMU is among 601-800 in The Times Higher Education World University Rankings (THE) 2018. Sixty-three universities in China mainland were listed in the rankings, our university is the 36th.