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Pre-Enrollment Scholarship Of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine - 2019 Full Scholarship

11月前 Applied Sciences Shanghai 521 views Tuition Fees: Yes Accommodation: No Travel Expense: No Monthly Stipend: No
Scholarship Details

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s pre-enrollment scholarship aims to give impetus to new full-time self-supported international students apply to pursue a bachelor’s degree at our university.

1Eligibility criteria

1.1 HSK award: new HSK level 5 ≥210;

1.2 Academic history award: in possession of a bachelor’s degree and above;

1.3 Specialty award: have outstanding achievements in academic areas, sports, arts, cultural exchanges, public benefit activities and other aspects at national level and above;

1.4 New students enrolled in September;

1.5 Different pre-enrollment scholarships cannot be acquired simultaneously.

2Categories and amounts of scholarships

2.1 New HSK level 6 ≥210 will be awarded with 10,000 yuan.

2.2 New HSK level 6 ≥195 will be awarded with 7,000 yuan.

2.3 New HSK level 6 ≥180 will be awarded with 5,000 yuan.

2.4 New HSK level 5 ≥210 will be awarded with 3,000 yuan.

2.5 Academic background award of 3000 yuan.

2.6 First prize for student with specialty of 10,000 yuan.

2.7 Second prize for student with specialty of 5,000 yuan.

2.8 Third prize for student with specialty of 3,000 yuan.

2.9 Fourth prize for student with specialty of 1,000 yuan.

3Time of application

September of every year.

4Application materials

4.1 One copy of Application for Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine’s Pre-Enrollment Scholarship for International Students.

4.2 Original and copy of HSK certificate or notarized highest diploma. Students with specialties shall provide related supporting documents or recommendation forms issued by universities.

Applicants must ensure the authenticity of materials provided, otherwise they will be deprived of the right to get scholarship, and all of the consequences shall be borne by applicants themselves. Whether a scholarship is awarded or not, materials will not be returned to applicants.

5Implementation steps

5.1 Supervisors shall announce implementation methods of pre-enrollment scholarship after student orientation.

5.2 International students meet criteria for application shall submit application materials to International Student Department.

5.3 International Student Department shall organize related personnel to conduct review, and then submit to the college for approval.

5.4 Make public the list of winners of pre-enrollment scholarship.

5.5 Pre-enrollment scholarship will be awarded at the beginning of next school year. Students received disciplinary verdicts or dropped out due to violation of Chinese laws and regulations as well as university’s disciplines, rules and system before the award of scholarship will be deprived from the right to receive the scholarship.


University Description
Established in 1956, the Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SHUTCM) was one of the first four TCM colleges across China. The University is located within the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park and Shanghai Free Trade Zone. Today, the University alumni are living in over 100 countries or territories. Jointly supported by the Ministry of Education and Shanghai Municipal Government, the University is included in the construction projects for national “First-Class Discipline” and High-Level Universities in Shanghai. SHUTCM has over 700 experts and professors, 3 academicians, 2 National Medical Master, 1 prestigious teacher of National Higher Education Institution, 76 mentors for the “National Workshop to Inherit Academic Experience of Senior Chinese Medical Doctors” and 64 municipal-celebrated TCM doctors. In 1999 and 2007, the University was twice awarded the “Excellence in Undergraduate Education” by the Ministry of Education.