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President Scholarship for International Students Of Jiangnan University - 2019 Full Scholarship

6 months ago Economics Wuxi 156 views Tuition Fees: Yes Accommodation: Yes Travel Expense: No Monthly Stipend: Yes
Scholarship Details

     General Requirement

(1) This evaluation method is to regulate the management of international students and develop the scholarship.

(2) This scholarship is suitable for degree students and Chinese language students with Chinese Government Scholarship who have finished one year study in our university.

2.      Evaluation Conditions

(1) Be friendly to China and the Chinese people, observe the law and decrees, and the regulations set for the foreign students.

(2) Be active in healthy activities for foreign students, ready to help other students and love the collective.

(3) Diligent in studies with good achievement, highly praised by teachers and classmates.


1)        Doctoral Students

a)      Study hard with excellent academic achievement; work assiduously in research project and have innovations, achieve satisfactory results; get praises from the supervisor.

b)      Publish high quality research paper in famous journals home or abroad. If the paper is indexed by SCI, EI, ISTP, the student will be taken in the priority. (Copy of the original paper and certain certification is needed.)

2)        Master Students

a)      Study hard with excellent academic achievement; work assiduously in research project and have innovations, achieve satisfactory results; get praises from the supervisor.

b)      Publish good quality research paper in journals home or abroad or present papers at academic conferences, and is confirmed by two professors in the same research area.

3)        Undergraduate Students

Undergraduates who follow the classes with Chinese students can pass all the required courses and the average scores should be B or above B, and are in the top three among  the foreign students.

4)        Chinese Language Students

After certain hours of Chinese language study, the student can master the fundamental knowledge of the language and obtain good achievement in HSK.


3.      Application Procedures:

1)        Ask for application form from the International Students Affairs office or download from the school’s website and fill it out truly.

2)        The teachers of teaching school should give suggestion on the form, and applicants should hand in the form within regulated time.

3)        Deadline of Application: 15th September every year


4.      Scholarship Standard

1)      Doctoral Students

1st Prize        ¥3000

2nd Prize ¥2500

3rd Prize  ¥2000

2)      Master Students

1st Prize        ¥2000

2nd Prize       ¥1500

3rd Prize        ¥1000

3)      Undergraduate Students

1st Prize        ¥1000

2nd Prize       ¥800

3rd Prize  ¥600

4)      Chinese Language Students (HSK 6 or above)

1st Prize        ¥600

2nd Prize ¥500

3rd Prize  ¥400


5.      Evaluation of Scholarship

1)        School of International Education will check the application form and concerning materials, and will propose a name list according to the above requirement.

2)        The Committee of Scholarship Review will discuss and decide the final scholarship winners and report to the President for consent.

3)        Evaluation Time: 16th September to 25th September every year

4)        Announcement: the result will be announced on notice board of School of International Education, and inform the winner. The winners will be awarded on a ceremony.


6.      The Grant of Scholarship

The scholarship will be granted wholly in the end of September.


7.      The Committee of Scholarship Review

1)        The Committee of Scholarship Review is consisted of Vice Dean of School of International Education who is in charge of International Students Affairs, concerning experts, tutors and managerial staff.

2)        The Responsibilities of Committee of Scholarship Review:

a.       Review and decide the winners name list.

b.      Accept the dispute, complaint.

c.       Explanation and amendment of this evaluation method.

3)        School of International Education will take charge of the daily routine of the Committee of Scholarship Review.


8.      The Quota of Scholarship Winners

1)        The first place winners will not exceed 4% of the total amount of international students.

2)        The second place winners will not exceed 10% of the total amount of international students

3)        The third place winners will not exceed 20% of the total amount of international students


9.      School of International Education reserves the explanation rights of this evaluation method.

University Description
Jiangnan University, founded initially in 1902, is located in Wuxi city (Jiangsu Province), which is within Shanghai Economic Circle. It functions directly under Ministry of Education (China) as 211 Project key university. There are 18 Schools, and Food Science, Fermentation Engineering, Textile Engineering, Industrial Design play the leading role in China, and have substantial influence internationally. In recent years, some burgeoning disciplines like International Economics and Trade, Business Administration, Computer Science and Technology also have recruited numbers of international students.